Steambow Crossbow Recurve AR-6 Stinger 2 Compact 35#




  • Lightweight and compact pistol crossbow with 6-shot magazine
  • The Compact is compatible with all other AR-6 Stinger II crossbows
  • Made of high-quality polymer
  • It is extremely robust, very reliable and, thanks to the precise production, precisely at distances of up to 25 meters
  • The direct drawing system requires more effort than the „Tactical“ variant, but significantly faster firing sequences are possible
  • The built-in glass/carbon limb with a draw weight of 35 lbs is very efficient and, despite the relatively low draw weight, achieves astonishingly high energy of 10 joule – as much as most pistol crossbows only achieve at 80 lbs.
  • De minimale leeftijd voor aankoop van een kruisboog is 18 jaar.


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